Ben Adams

Ben Adams


Passionate about removing the family arable farm in Oxfordshire off the input treadmill Ben operates a suite of farm trials each year and has significantly changed the way that the farm operates. Recent trials involve a three year intercropping experiment as part of winning the School of Sustainable Food and Farming and Farmers Guardian net zero challenge. Ben also works as a farming consultant so understands the balance between profitability, regenerative agriculture and getting the most out of schemes and grants. Ben is currently a spokesperson for nature friendly farming in support of ELMS.

Intercropping – Practical Lessons

Old Dairy Tent

Intercropping (also known as bi-cropping, Polycropping, companion cropping) involves the growing of two or more crops together, driven by an understanding that plant diversity is the real driver of soil recovery and soil health. Intercropping has been shown to improve soil’s resilience to stresses, reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers and increase biodiversity. Yet it […]