Ben Macdonald

Ben Macdonald


Benedict Macdonald is a lifelong naturalist and now works as a conservationist transforming landscapes back to nature, for the Real Wild Estates company. An award-winning author, his first book, Rebirding (Winner of the Wainwright Prize), outlined how we can transform both the farmed and wilderness areas in our country for wildlife, people and create better financial and social outcomes in the process.

Ben has worked as a television producer on legacy-defining wildlife shows such as David Attenborough’s Our Planet.

The Forgotten Fields: Farmland for Nature

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

This talk will deal with the catastrophic loss of biodiversity and bio-abundance in UK farmland but offer pragmatic and inspiring advice on how we can simultaneously farm productively for crops and wildlife in the future, reconstructing the invertebrate food-chain as the basis of a new form of regenerative farming for nature and the soil.