Ben Raskin

Ben Raskin


Ben has worked in horticulture for 25 years and has a wide range of practical commercial growing experience. For the Soil Association, he provides growers at all levels of production with technical, marketing, policy, supply chain and networking support. He also leads on their Agroforestry work.

Ben is an author of gardening books for children and grown-ups. He is also currently implementing a 200-acre agroforestry planting in Wiltshire. Ben also co-chairs the newly formed Defra Edibles Horticulture Roundtable and sits on the boards of the Organic Growers Alliance and Community Supported Agriculture Network UK.

FABulous Farmers – Mistakes I Have made: The Agroforestry Surgery

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Planting trees into farming systems is bring immense benefits to farm businesses and the natural world alike. But with technical advice and support only just starting to become mainstream, many of the early adopters have had to go it alone relying on trial and error to see them through. Many with success stories but also […]