Billy Lewis

Billy Lewis


Billy Lewis (Boycefield Farm, Herefordshire) has been exploring a more regenerative way of farming over the last 4 years, and was named the 2022 Mixed Soil Farmer Of The Year. Billy’s business includes around 100 head of pedigree Hereford cattle, a flock of 300 ewes and an additional arable enterprise on his 350 ac mixed farm and additional 150 acre share farming arrangement. Along with cover crops, herbal lays, mob grazing and clover understoreys, Billy has been composting manure on the farm in windrows, creating an easy to spread product as well as providing soil health benefits.

Getting Comfortable with Composting

Stand DF C30 (AHDB)

This house believes that arable farmers should get much more familiar with composting. From Johnson-Su bioreactors to wider resource management and quantifying soil health benefits