Bob Mehew

Bob Mehew


Bob Mehew is a project delivery specialist and permaculture practitioner with 22 years of experience in consultancy services and project management. Bob started to work with The Apricot Centre in 2012 as a trainer assisting in the delivery of the Permaculture Design Course, and in 2014 became a Director. Having moved to Dartington in September 2015, and since then developing Huxhams Cross Farm, Bob now teaches a new course, The ECO-nomics of permaculture. In 2020 Bob became a trustee of the Permaculture Association.

Direct to Household: Building a Market for Local Food From the Farmgate

Breakout Tent

Join us for a discussion on how to set up a direct sales enterprise from the first inception of an idea, to carving out a local & online marketing strategy. Our panel of farmers & industry experts will speak from their own experiences about building a direct market for local food. Hear their valuable insights […]