Brandon Welch

Brandon Welch


Brandon is the day in and day out driver of Mad Capital. Beginning in 2019, he formulated the idea for the Perennial Fund and has led all efforts from whitepaper creation, early research, managing sales, website development, financial modeling, fundraising, loan servicing, portfolio management, investor management, product development, and team management. In 2021 he led the close of $10M into the Perennial Fund from 42 investors in 7 countries. Brandon has biked across the United States, hiked the Long Trail, lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Lily and dog Argo, and enjoys a strong stout.

Regen Tech Forum: Tools For Transition

Speaker's Corner

The UK’s first venture fund powering sustainable food, Pelican Ag, showcase leading tech driving regen ag. Featuring regenerative lending platform, Mad Ag, virtual fencing by NoFence and the Soil Association’s nature friendly farming initiative, Soil Exchange; in conversation with Barclays’s Agriculture Strategy head.