Brett Graham

Brett Graham


In 2005 Brett opened his restaurant The Ledbury in Notting Hill and in 2010 won its second Michelin star. The Harwood Arms, Brett’s Pub in Fulham also holds a Michelin star.

In 2017 a herd of rare white red deer from breeding stock from the UK and Copenhagen was established at Aynhoe Park then followed by a herd at Boughton House. During the pandemic a farming company Capability Graham was formed based upon the deer, retired jersey cows, bees and a large herd of Iberian pigs which he now farms with Harry Heath in Shropshire where they also plan on cold pressing their sunflowers and oilseed rape to produce oil for restaurants.

The venison, beef, pork and the charcuterie are all currently sold into many of the best restaurants in the country. The business will continue to grow and develop food that is not only delicious to eat, but kinder to the planet and will place as much importance into what the animals put into their mouths as what we put in ours.

Agroecology From Farm to Fork

Seminar Tent

Tracking the journey of a Shropshire farm from intensive pig and arable production to a regenerative cropping and extensive pig system. Ian Robertson will talk about gaining an in-depth baseline understanding of soil health as a starting point before Ed Brown demonstrates the power of that information when implementing a new, regenerative farming system. Harry […]