Caroline Grindrod

Caroline Grindrod


Caroline has a background in environmental conservation and hill farming in the Northern uplands of the UK and has been involved in developing sustainable food and farming businesses for over 20 years.

Caroline is a consultant, coach and authentic communicator supporting food and farming businesses to smoothly transition to regenerative agricultural systems. An accredited professional with the Savory Institute, Caroline uses the holistic management framework to underpin her projects.

The co-founder and a Director of Primal Meats, an online 100% grass-fed meat business supporting regenerative farmers, and Wilderculture CIC, a social enterprise supporting the transition of hill farms and large upland estates to regenerative systems, Caroline ensures she is developing projects that tackle issues in all links of the regenerative supply chain.

A Regenerative Journey

Speaker's Corner

The story of an Oxfordshire farm transitioning to a fully regenerative approach in 2 years – a life-changing experience on so many levels.