Charlie Griffith

Charlie Griffith


ruumi is a new and exciting agritech service that provides satellite technology to help farmers succeed with rotational grazing

As the newest member of the ruumi team, Charlie’s role is to help farmers implement ruumi’s technology and improve their rotational grazing systems. He has spent the last ten years working on a number of farms with different enterprises, from his family sheep farm in Northampton, to a 2000-acre cattle ranch in New South Wales. Charlie graduated from Harper Adams University in 2019 with a degree in Agriculture with Farm Businesses Management.

Rotational Grazing With Satellite

Speaker's Corner

ruumi helps farmers to do rotational grazing. Our easy-to use digital product helps farmers to gauge covers and match supply with demand to make the best grazing decisions throughout the year. By growing more grass, farmers can reduce fertiliser and save thousands on winter feed. This session provides an introduction to ruumi, what it does […]