Chris Addison

Chris Addison


I farm with my wife, Caroline at Kings Meaburn in Cumbria’s Lyvennet Valley. Having taken over the business from my parents in 1984, who were “farming with nature” before it became a fashionable practice. I have continued and extended this principle throughout my farming career.

The farm’s main enterprise is a 160 head Montbeliarde dairy herd and our milk is sold to the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCO). All dairy herd beef calves are kept on site until they are at least 18 months old.  They are then either sold as prime organic cattle to M&S or Sainsbury through ABP or sold as store cattle for finishing on other organic farms.

Throughout my career I have been actively involved in the CLA. I am also a board member of the National TB Partnership and the Westmorland Dales National Park.

Towards Climate-Friendly Farming

Barenbrug Grass Tent

This session, chaired by CLA President Mark Tufnell, will explore the range of practical approaches taken by three CLA members towards climate-friendly farming and managing natural capital.