Chris Newenham

Chris Newenham


Chris Newenham is the Joint Managing Director at Wilkins and Sons/Tiptree, a farm in the driest part of the driest county-Essex. Water reduction, recycling and storage are of the imperative at this farm and so Chris, alongside the rest of the Tiptree team, has implemented highly efficient micro-irrigation systems for monitoring and controlling water and fertiliser use within crops. These measures have allowed water usage to be reduced by as much as two thirds in some cases.

Water Management: Every Drop Counts

Old Dairy Tent

In times of climate uncertainty, Britain is facing increasing pressure on its valuable water resources. When it comes to water management; creativity and innovation are vital for a resilient, sustainable farming business. Join LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) with a panel of LEAF Demonstration Farmers to discuss the how and why of their outstanding water […]