Chris Short

Chris Short


Chris has over 20 years’ worth of research experience and is currently active in the development and implementation of rural development and agri-environment policy, as well as the nature of partnerships and knowledge exchange that these require. He has considerable expertise in issues relating to landscape-scale initiatives, nature-based solutions and collaboration across Europe. He was co-lead on the project developing farmer-friendly outputs relating to the management of floodplains as part of the Flourishing Floodplains initiative. He has also been involved in the NERC-funded LANDWISE project assessing the role of natural flood management in lowland agricultural areas; (WILD) evaluating the benefits of an integrated approach to land and water management; and Defra ELM Test & Trials.

Floodplain Meadows – Beauty & Utility: Managing & Restoring Species Rich Grasslands on Floodplains to Deliver Multiple Benefits

Old Dairy Tent

The Floodplain Meadows Partnership will run a panel/workshop session focusing on the role of species rich floodplain grasslands as a prime example of a nature-based solution that can deliver a range of eco-services, whilst remaining a sustainable productive agricultural crop. It will look at the practicalities of management and restoration highlighting demonstration sites and partnerships […]

Panel Workshop