Chris Smaje

Chris Smaje


Chris Smaje has coworked a small farm in Somerset for the last twenty years. Previously, he was a university-based social scientist, working in the Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey and the Department of Anthropology at Goldsmiths College. Since switching focus to the practice and politics of agroecology, he’s written for publications such as The Land, Dark Mountain, Permaculture magazine and Statistics Views, as well as academic journals such as Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems and the Journal of Consumer Culture. Chris is the author of two books: Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future (Chelsea Green, 2023) and A Small Farm Future (Chelsea Green, 2020), and he writes the blog at and is a featured author at

The Diet of the Future: What Will we be Eating in 2050?

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Don’t come hungry to this session. Sheila Dillon, BBC Radio 4 Food Programme, will lead a healthy debate on what we’ll be eating 27 years from now. If we are to successfully transition to fair and equitable food production which benefits people and planet, what will end up on our plates? What role will farming […]


Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future launches at Groundswell! Chris Smaje In Conversation with Sarah Langford

Speaker's Corner

In the face of ongoing food, energy and environmental crises, Chris Smaje, farmer and social scientist, has become one of the most prescient voices on the future of farming. In his new book he tackles the false promises and unconsidered consequences of food techno-solutions advocated by ecomodernists like George Monbiot, arguing why farming is essential […]

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