Christopher Price

Christopher Price


Christopher Price is the CEO of Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Christopher joined RBST in February 2019 from the CLA where he was Director of Policy and Advice. He is also the Chair of the Wildlife and Countryside Link Agriculture working group, leading coalition work on agricultural policy for England, and Vice Chair of the Uplands Alliance which aims to bring together practitioners, researchers and others involved in uplands policy.

The Environmental & Financial Benefits Of Using Native livestock In Conservation Grazing

Yeo Valley Old Dairy Tent

The session will demonstrate the environmental and financial benefits of using native livestock and equines in conservation grazing. Our native breeds were bred to thrive in our landscapes. They created the habitats, the meadows and pastures that we need to manage better or restore, and so it is through their use that we are most […]


Farming Profitably & Sustainably With Native Livestock

RBST Stand F0

The session will demonstrate how to farm profitably and sustainably with native livestock breeds. Native livestock were bred to thrive in our landscapes, so the costs involved in keeping them when it comes to feed, vet and med bills and housing are generally much lower than with their continental counterparts. They are also the ultimate […]