Dan Gammon

Dan Gammon


Dan qualified with a degree in Vet Medicine from Cambridge University in 2006.  He worked in mixed practice in rural Cumbria for nearly 5 years. He then took a vet consultancy role delivering nutritional and health advice to farmers and industry, before heading to New Zealand for a management role within a multisite dairy farming business.  Dan returned home to UK in 2016 to start a family with his wife Holly and search for a opportunity to farm for themselves.  They are now 4 years into a share farming arrangement in Dorset, milking 700 organic cows across two dairies, managing 1570 acres. He believes that soil health is the key to his dairy farming business and is enjoying learning how the farm can promote it. Dan is a participant in an Innovative Farmers field lab looking at extended pasture resting after grazing to improve soil health.

Farmer-Led Solutions to Underperforming Fields & Marginal Land

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How do farmers utilise all the fields on the farm while minimising the use of inputs? By using nature-friendly innovation, farmers are pioneering practices that bring underperforming fields back from being a sink on the business. Through the Innovative Farmers programme, farmers and researchers are teaming up to trial a range of techniques from mob […]