Dan Miller

Dan Miller


Dan Miller is the Founder and CEO of Steward, a platform for regenerative farmers, ranchers and fishermen to raise capital. Steward creates a system that empowers each unique farmer to steward their land sustainably, with consumers—the people with the most to gain from sustainable farming—having the opportunity to fund and join in their success.

Dan previously co-founded Fundrise, the first and largest real estate crowdfunding platform in the United States, which has raised more than $1 billion since inception. It’s this experience, combined with a passion for agriculture, ecology, and local food that led Dan to launch Steward in 2017.

The Role of Finance in the Regen Transition

Old Dairy

We will explore the role of money, finance and investments in scaling regenerative approaches with a Farmer (Jeroen Klompe, farmer and cofounder Soil Heroes), Investment Platform (Dan Miller Steward), Agrifood company (Kirsty Saddler, New Foundation Farms) and Investor Tessa Etkin-Silver (Be The Earth Investments).