Dan Saladino

Dan Saladino


Dan Saladino is an award-winning food journalist who has worked at the BBC for twenty-five years producing programmes for BBC Radio 4 and The Food Programme. For more than a decade he has travelled the world recording stories of foods at risk of extinction— last year he published his first book, ‘Eating to Extinction’, a captivating and wide ranging exploration of some of the thousands of foods around the world that are at risk of being lost forever.

Leather As An Agricultural Product: Linking Farming, Food & Design

Breakout Tent

This panel will explore how a new production of leather – made from the hides of animals raised on regenerative farms – is forging innovative connections between agriculture, food, and material culture. Grady + Robinson is a new enterprise producing leather from the hides of animals raised on Pasture for Life farms in the UK. […]