Dan Stevenson

Dan Stevenson


Having been a farm vet for nearly 20 years I have learnt a huge amount about the role of agriculture in the wider world and this has served to highlight how much I have still to learn. Early in my career I realised how central to animal health their nutrition was and so began my obsession with this area, resulting in a Masters in the subject. I now appreciate that animal health and nutrition cannot be optimised without consideration of soil and environmental health as all, together with nutritional value to the consumer, are inextricably linked. I believe that agriculture can provide solutions to many of humanities current and future challenges and that nature holds many of the answers if we are prepared to take notice. I hope that vets can play a valuable role in connecting all these elements to contribute to a more holistic view.

What Can Disease Tell Us In Regenerative Farming Systems?

Breakout Tent

Disease. Viruses, bacteria, parasites. Often considered a normal part of a functioning ecosystem. But, when disease affects our livestock it has implications not only for animal health and welfare but also financial impacts due to production losses. In this interactive session, farm vets Claire Whittle and Dan Stevenson will explore a holistic approach to animal […]