David Barker

David Barker


EJ Barker & Sons is a family-owned partnership based at Lodge Farm, in North Suffolk, focusing primarily on the production of high-quality arable crops for a range of markets as well as growing grass as a cash crop. David’s family have been growing grass for seed for over three generations, more than 60 years. For David, grass is a valuable two-year break crop among the wheat, barley, beans and oilseed rape. It has boosted farm profitability, soil health and wildlife, and it is as important to the farm now as it was in 1961. Brothers David and Roy Barker have passed on their skill and enthusiasm for growing the crop to their sons, Patrick and Brian respectively – The Barker Boys!

Grass: Can It Be Sustainable AND Make Money?

Barenbrug Grass Tent

More than 9,000ha of the UK’s farmland is used to produce grass seed – which, once sown on British farms, increasingly plays a vital role in delivering sustainable farming, from grazing to crop production to environmental protection. Seed-growing may be a niche practice, but those who do so enjoy a host of benefits: a valuable […]