David Brewer

David Brewer


When we finally took over the family’s Exmoor hill farm, the latest in a 300 year old lineage we knew we had to do something radical to ensure it was still here for our children to take it on. Together with my wife, environmental journalist and author Kate Hughes, we set about embracing radical, or should that be fundamental common sense, across our entire conventional farm.

From the soil up, Wood Advent is now well on the way to being an holistic, closed circuit farm that embraces both regenerative AND organic practices. With 150 acres of new woodland creation and 150 acres of alley cropping agroforestry supporting a mob grazed herd all year round, we are determined to prove that farming with soil health, biodiversity recovery, nutritionally valuable food production, and climate change mitigation at its heart can be sustainable in every sense, including as a profitable business independent of subsidies.

Sharing the Lessons Learned in Establishing Agroforestry Systems on Farms

Grass Tent

Interested in implementing agroforestry on your farm, but don’t know where to start? How about listening to the experiences of two farmers who have already planted it. This session will look to question farmers own experiences of establishing agroforestry. Questions will focus on the key details essential to successfully establishing trees in a UK farm […]