David Clarke

David Clarke


David farms 154Ha in partnership with his wife Jo and son William in Upton, Leicestershire. The mainly livestock farm has 145 pedigree HF milking cows plus followers and 150 NZ Romney breeding sheep.  They produce Sparkenhoe, handmade and raw milk cheese on the farm and have a Tea Room managed by their daughter Annie.  David’s regenerative farming journey started unwittingly back in 2006 when they stopped using chemical fertiliser and relabelled dandelions as a herb on their cow grazing paddocks. They have a very holistic, pasture to plate mind set and, driven by his son William, they now practise regenerative principals on the whole farm. As part of Innovative Farmers, David is involved in the, Innovate UK funded, PASTORAL field lab looking to develop a digital tool to make use of satellite data. They are investigating whether this data can be used to support farmers to increase farm productivity and carbon efficiency through improved pasture performance and management.

Farmer-Led Solutions to Underperforming Fields & Marginal Land

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How do farmers utilise all the fields on the farm while minimising the use of inputs? By using nature-friendly innovation, farmers are pioneering practices that bring underperforming fields back from being a sink on the business. Through the Innovative Farmers programme, farmers and researchers are teaming up to trial a range of techniques from mob […]