David Lord

David Lord


David manages the farming side of his business on the North East Essex coast, farming approx. 750 ha of mixed soils. His farming system revolves around soil conservations and regeneration using cover cropping, diverse rotations, and direct drilling to reduce inputs and improve biodiversity on the land he farms. His land is also in HLS and he is a strong supporter of independent science and famer led decision making. He is currently chairman of Colchester branch NFU and steering group member for AHDB’s Eastern Strategic Farm.

Nature Means Business for Arable Businesses

Old Dairy

Nature Means Business highlights the vital role nature plays in any farm business. Initial research for the associated the ‘Less is More’ report focused on upland farms. Now in the next stage of this work, Chris Clark will talk through how this approach to farm business applies to arable farmers and understanding how you can […]