David McCulloch

David McCulloch


David joined Tilhill in 2019 and was appointed head of CarbonStore later that year. He has a BSc (Hons) in Accounting, Finance and Economics and spent 18 years in the financial sector based in London and Tokyo, initially as an equity salesman and latterly as a corporate analyst. It was opportunities within Tilhill and CarbonStore that enabled David to return to his rural roots in southern Scotland.

David leads the CarbonStore team helping farmers and landowners to register, validate and verify their woodland creation projects with the Woodland Carbon Code and generate the saleable and increasingly valuable carbon credits. CarbonStore also helps woodland owners to sell their carbon credits to organisations wishing to mitigate their carbon emissions. In this way, CarbonStore offers a unique partnership between landowners looking to generate an income from their carbon credits and companies aiming to harness the benefits of trees to reduce their net carbon emissions.

Creating Woodlands for Cash, Carbon & Conservation

Speaker's Corner

With knowledgeable guidance and planning, trees can meet a myriad of objectives. The addition of scrub in upper margins can enhance a woodland’s ecology and biodiversity. Careful management of commercial stands of timber can yield significant income. And the planting of riparian native broadleaves improves fish stocks, water quality and insect life within our waterways. […]