David Rose

David Rose


David Rose, manages a 660 acre third generation farm in Screveton, Nottinghamshire, UK. His grandfather started working a 90 acre mixed farm in 1933, growing arable crops, milking cows and collecting fruit from trees to sell in the market. David has now moved away from intensive arable to a more environmental approach with minimum tillage, direct drilling, reducing pesticides, and follows the LEAF model.

Trees on the farm are now an integral part of the management and have been enhanced through replenishing & creating hedgerows, introducing woodland and agroforestry. He has established a silvoarable system based on cereals and fruit trees, planting 740 trees in 5 alleyways. Research has been gathered to share the environmental impact of the agroforestry. David is a Nuffield Scholar and keen to share his learnings with others. The farm is now a diversified mixed farm and engages with a range of audiences. It markets much of its produce direct and engages different communities via a range of experiences on farm.

Agroforestry – What We Have Learnt Along the Way

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Come and hear about our established agroforestry systems, we have plenty of lessons learnt from our journeys ranging from 5-15 years. Plenty of food for thought. Discover the multiple benefits you could bring for your farm as we juggle food production, climate change and biodiversity loss. Is agroforestry one of the solutions for your farm? […]