David White

David White


David White farms 160ha on light land over chalk between Cambridge and Newmarket. He is in his sixth year of practising conservation agriculture – utilising no-till direct drilling into catch and cover crops. Going from full cultivation to 100% no till in a single step was a big change and along the way it has required, and continues to require, trialing different things to see what works best on his soils. He is co-founder of RTK Farming Ltd which provides repeatable 20mm accurate subscription correction signal for any brand of machine across England.

Intercropping – Practical Lessons

Old Dairy Tent

Intercropping (also known as bi-cropping, Polycropping, companion cropping) involves the growing of two or more crops together, driven by an understanding that plant diversity is the real driver of soil recovery and soil health. Intercropping has been shown to improve soil’s resilience to stresses, reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers and increase biodiversity. Yet it […]