David Wolfe

David Wolfe


David Wolfe (along with his wife Amanda) and his brother Toby have been evolving one of the oldest and most diverse agroforestry systems into a sustainable agroforestry community based on short food chains and stacked enterprises since 2019.

David and Amanda see their role as being to facilitate and enable the wide and varied talents of the community of people now living and working at Wakelyns.

Wakelyns 2022: Evolving The Agroforestry Trial Site Through Short Food Chains & Enterprise Stacking

Kellogg's Origins Soil Tent

Ann & Martin Wolfe started planting the pioneering organic rotation agroforesty system at Wakelyns in 1994. They ran it as a series of scientific trials until Ann’s death in 2016 and Martin’s in 2019 by which time it was internationally renowned for the innovations it had showcased. David Wolfe (along with his wife Amanda) and […]