Deborah Barker

Deborah Barker


Deborah works at the intersection of visual art, craft, fashion, textiles and agriculture. From her natural dye studio in East Sussex she collaborates with farmers, independent designers, makers and artists to create regeneratively grown plant dyed textiles for clothing and interiors. She is currently managing a pilot project to establish commercial dye plant crops in Southeast England with a grant from the USA fibershed. Alongside her work as a natural dyer she works as a freelance researcher, consultant and project manager for regenerative farm and fibre projects and designers. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and contributed to the RSA regenerative futures programme

British Grown Plant Dyes – An Unmet Demand

Breakout Tent

There is an ever increasing demand from designers for British grown plant dyes. Our panellists will share their expertise in plant dyes, dye farming, processing and demand. We will discuss ways to encourage farmers to explore dye plants and overcome the challenges involved in growing, harvesting and processing successful crops. Hear the story of Ian […]