Dee Woods

Dee Woods


Deirdre (Dee) Woods is a food and farming action-ist who advocates for good food for all and a just, equitable food system, challenging the systemic barriers that impact marginalised communities and food producers.

Dee’s work sits at the nexus of food and farming, particularly in intersectionality, diversity, equity and anti-oppression, decolonisation, reparations, the right to food and nutrition, participatory policy making, community food systems, food system change, food commons, agroecology, and food sovereignty

Dee is a founding member of the Food Ethics Council, Global Solidarity Alliance for Food, Health and Social Justice and co founder of the African Caribbean Heritage Food Network and Granville Community Kitchen. Dee is a trustee of Sustain, A Growing Culture, and the Chair of IFAN( Independent Food Aid Network). She is a director of the Landworkers Alliance and Food Justice Policy Coordinator. Dee is the current focal point for Western Europe of the CSIPM (Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples Mechanism) for relations with the CFS (Committee on World Food Security)

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