Denise Walton

Denise Walton


Denise farms in partnership with her husband Chris and son Angus in the Scottish Borders. She studied horticulture followed by degrees (to post-graduate level), in Environmental Science and Landscape Ecology at the University of London. Whilst building the farm and food business with Chris, she had her own practice for some 20 years as a Landscape and Ecological Advisor. She is now fully involved in the farm business overseeing the added value production from their on-farm butchery. She is a board member of Pasture-for-Life and Scotland Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network.

Grass Finishing Sheep & Cattle

Speaker's Corner

What do butchers expect from the carcases they buy? How do farmers deliver the right product to their customers? What are farmers doing to manage their grazing and get the right compromises between quality and quantity of forage?