Dominic Amos

Dominic Amos


Dominic works at the Organic Research Centre, having joined five years ago to pursue research interests in sustainable cropping and soils management. Having previously worked testing agrochemicals, providing data for agrochemical companies he now works with farmers across projects including the Innovative Farmers programme, supporting farmers to conduct on-farm research supporting them to test innovation. He works as researcher on the living mulch field lab exploring with the farmers the use of a clover understory as an approach for improving cropping system sustainability and improving soil health.

“I got into agriculture as a career to try to help farmers grow food more sustainably, and through Innovative Farmers I now have the mechanism to work directly with them to help explore solutions to their production issues. It’s extremely rewarding for me working directly with the farmers to conduct research”.

No-Till With Living Mulches – The Holy Grail of Arable?

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No-till arable farming has revolutionised the arable farming mindset and is of interest to organic farmers because of its potential to reduce cultivations whilst providing weed control, fertility and soil health. But is it possible? For more information on Innovative Farmers please visit our website: