Dominic Amos

Dominic Amos


Dominic works at the Organic Research Centre as a senior crops researcher, having joined six years ago to pursue research interests in sustainable cropping and soils management. He works with farmers across projects, supporting farmers to conduct on-farm research to test innovation. He works as researcher on a living mulch field lab exploring with farmers the use of a clover understory as an approach for improving cropping system sustainability and soil health, and works on collective experiments with organic arable farmers testing wheat and oat varieties at zero/low input. “I got into agriculture to try to help farmers grow food more sustainably. Through on-farm research I have the mechanism to work directly with them to help explore solutions to their production issues. It’s extremely rewarding for me working directly with the farmers to conduct research”

The End Is Nigh, The End Of Nitrogen

Agricology Discussion Tent

Nitrogen – With rising costs, growing limited availability and well documented impact on the environment, farmers want to reduce the use, but can the sector facilitate, adapt to, and support this move? Chaired by Dr Alastair Leake (Director of Policy at the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust) , this panel session will discuss the impacts […]