Dominic Buscall

Dominic Buscall


Dominic Buscall is the founder and director of Wild Ken Hill – a nationally-acclaimed land use project featuring regenerative farming, rewilding, and traditional conservation spread across a 4,000-acre Norfolk farm. Dominic is now focused on growing the 2,600 species at Wild Ken Hill, delivering leading innovations on the farm, and building a thriving nature-based tourism business. Alongside Wild Ken Hill, Dominic has advised has advised a variety of organisations on agricultural soil carbon. Before starting Wild Ken Hill, Dominic spent 5 years in strategy consulting

Restoring the Soil Food Web at Scale

Seminar Tent

Two Norfolk farmers are experimenting with the Soil Food Web – a soil science course developed by the world’s foremost soil biologist, Dr. Elaine Ingham, and advertised as the key to rapid soil regeneration. In this session, Nick Padwick of Wild Ken Hill and Rosie Begg of Gorgate Farms will look at both theory and […]