Dougal Hosford

Dougal Hosford


Dougal farms in North Dorset with his brother George and son Fred, where they farm 600ha of arable crops, and have 60 Angus and Hereford suckler cows utilising permanent pasture and herbal leys. All progeny are finished off grass.

Over the past 15 years Dougal has developed a comprehensive and diverse stewardship scheme across the farm. 3 years ago a system of no till was adopted after 20 years of min till, in which time no land has been ploughed. Arable inputs are slowly being reduced and 2023 has seen the introduction of milling wheat for Wildfarmed including a bi-crop of spring wheat and beans. The farm has always used as much saved seed as possible and is now growing most cover crop seed on farm. Dougal is also a trustee of FWAG Southwest.

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Ian Pigott hosts a conversation with 3 farmers who are at various stages of their regenerative journey. In this lighted hearted and open session, they will be discussing highs & lows and everything in between whilst also tackling some of the serious issues that are being faced on the ground.