Dr Ambrogio Costanzo

Dr Ambrogio Costanzo


Dr Ambrogio Costanzo – Head of Crops and Deputy Head of Research at the Organic Research Centre – is an agricultural scientist specialising in agroecology, mostly focusing on arable cropping systems, with experience of liaising with farmers in participatory approaches.

Currently in his sixth year at ORC, he is coordinating the “LiveWheat” project: a collective experiment on field-scale wheat variety testing with British organic and low-input farmers. What he likes the most in his researcher role is to learn from farmers and from their fields, and then translate this learning into useful collective actions.

The Challenges Of Breeding The Best Varieties For Regenerative Agriculture

NIAB Seminar Tent

How can plant breeding and variety selection help regen ag? What are the challenges for breeders and how can they be overcome? With modern genetics and breeding we can shift our selection criteria to match the market, but there will be a lag while these percolate through. There are technical issues – how to grow […]