Dr Chantal Helm

Dr Chantal Helm


Dr Chantal Helm is the current chair of the Herts and Middlesex Bat Group as well as an ecology Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire (formerly a full time senior lecturer).

She has been studying bats with the Herts and Middlesex Bat Group in Hertfordshire since 2012 and co-ordinates the Hertfordshire Barbastelle Project in collaboration with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. As a licensed bat worker, and enthusiastic environmental educator, Chantal has led many bat walks across the county.

Bat Safari

Safari Tent

This evening session will take you on a tour of the Groundswell site to discover which bat species are benefitting from the Cherry’s regenerative farming practices. We will be using bat detectors to ‘listen’ out for the bats’ echolocation clicks. The presence and mix of bat species can tell you a lot about the local […]