Dr Ed Dickin

Dr Ed Dickin


Dr Edward Dickin is a lecturer in crop physiology at Harper Adams University. His research interests include crops for human health, especially naked (hulless) barley and has experience of multi-disciplinary projects, including the long-term traffic and tillage experiment at HAU, and the Horizon 2020 CROPDIVA (Climate Resilient Orphan croPs for increased DIVersity in Agriculture) project beginning September 2021; the HAU contribution being work on food traits of naked barley and cereal and legume intercropping. He is also a BASIS qualified agronomist.

He is a founding member of the UK Grain Lab, a network of breeders, millers and bakers working with non-commodity grains and runs side projects breeding populations of bread wheat and rivet wheat. He is a partner in the family farm in Lincolnshire, a small conventional mixed farm.

Genetic Diversity of Grains

Doing the Time: Working Towards the Decriminalisation of our Seeds

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It’s increasingly well understood that crop diversity holds the answer to many of the pressing problems we face, from resilient food production in the face of climate change to chronic diet-related ill health. But one of the most potent tools at our disposal is currently illegal: the trade in genetically diverse cereal seeds. By their […]