Dr Emily Bull

Dr Emily Bull


Emily Bull is a Senior Researcher at FAI Farms, working with a range of food businesses on their regenerative pilot’s and programmes. Emily has a PhD from Gloucestershire University. Her research areas include agricultural extension, behaviour and systems change and regenerative agriculture. In addition to managing client programmes,

Emily manages the Regen Dairy project. This project has worked to define what regenerative dairy looks like from the bottom up, and throughout dairy supply chains.

How Do We Scale This? Taking Food Grown in Healthy Soil to the High Street

Old Dairy Tent

This panel will explore ways to democratize consumer access to food grown in regenerative systems without watering down standards (greenwashing) or short-changing the farmer. How do we get food grown in healthy soil to the average customer on the High Street? And how to tell them the story of why this is important? This panel […]