Dr Jim Scown

Dr Jim Scown


Jim works part time in the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission, sharing the leadership of the Farming Transition work with Emily Linton. Jim comes to the Commission having completed a PhD in Environmental Humanities at Cardiff University and the University of Bristol. This research examined the changing understanding and use of soils over the last two-hundred years. He is based in Bristol and spends plenty of time in his native Cornwall.

Jim also works as a researcher on Cardiff University’s Science Humanities Initiative and is a member of the Agroecology Research Network at the University of Bristol. During his PhD, Jim worked with the Soil Association, writing a piece for their 75th anniversary on our changing attitudes to soil.


Feeding Britain From The Ground Up

Speaker's Corner

Building on the SFT’s Feeding Britain report, this session will explore what needs to happen to enable farmers to transition to regenerative farming in the UK. From how we measure sustainability and true cost accounting; local food infrastructure; improved skills and knowledge; and citizen action to drive system change. Panellists will discuss the idea that […]