Dr Lynda Deeks

Dr Lynda Deeks


Dr Lynda Deeks is a Soil Physicist at Cranfield University and has been involved in a range of consultancy and research projects that are driving change in soil management through enhanced appreciation of the economic, environmental and social benefits that soil affords. Key to this is Lynda’s involved in knowledge exchange between industry and science: supporting industry finding appropriate science and science providing impact. Lynda is currently chair of the South West Soils Discussion Group of the British Society for Soil Science, which is a platform that encourages discussion across a broad sector of society who have an interest in soil.

How Do We Enhance The Domestic Supply Chain For Hemp Whilst Measuring & Recording The Environmental Impact?

Barenbrug Grass Tent

Hemp is experiencing a global renaissance. Governments and industry are waking up to its positive impacts and uses in textiles, construction, food and more. It is an environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural crop that could provide a solution to many of the UK challenges in this modern landscape. But there are various barriers to a […]