Dr Phil Howell

Dr Phil Howell


Phil has worked for almost 30 years in crop genetics and breeding, including ten years breeding wheat for Syngenta. Since 2007, he has been instrumental in establishing NIAB’s leading cereal pre-breeding position, crossing and selecting within diverse pre-breeding germplasm and developing multi-founder MAGIC wheat populations.

Currently, Phil is active across several species including wheat, barley, legumes, oilseeds and fibre crops. He leads NIAB’s germplasm development within the Designing Future Wheat and IWYP European Winter Wheat Hub projects. His research interests broadly centre around improving yield and quality under lower inputs.

The Challenges Of Breeding The Best Varieties For Regenerative Agriculture

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How can plant breeding and variety selection help regen ag? What are the challenges for breeders and how can they be overcome? With modern genetics and breeding we can shift our selection criteria to match the market, but there will be a lag while these percolate through. There are technical issues – how to grow […]