Ed Ayton

Ed Ayton


Ed Ayton is the Sustainability & Communications Officer for organic delivery company Abel & Cole. With a background in wildlife management, his love of nature has found its feet in the sustainable agricultural world, extolling the virtues of a better way of farming for the health of people and planet alike.

As chair of the B Corp Regenerative Agriculture Working Group, Ed heads up a group of some of the most responsibly run businesses in the UK on their journey exploring and incorporating regenerative practices into their supply chains. With a passion for biodiversity, the environment and good food, he believes all three can meet with mutual benefit, and finds there’s usually a good story behind it all too.

The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture: How & Why a Farming Movement Has Caught the Imaginations of Chefs & Consumers

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Regenerative Agriculture is capturing people’s attention in all areas of life, from food to fashion. So, what’s the secret of its appeal? How do we build on this success? & How do we take people on a journey of truly understanding what’s at its core – and ensure the principles are not co-opted, or diluted, […]