Ed Rhodes

Ed Rhodes


Ed is a tenant farmer in partnership with his wife Heather on the outskirts of Exeter. After moving to work on an estate in East Devon 35 years ago he went on to teach at the county college for 9 years before establishing a contracting business. In 2016 the couple took on their current tenancy running an organic beef and sheep farm. They started growing vegetables for Riverford in 2020 which now extends to around 20 acres.

On establishing the farm, Ed took inspiration from the small mixed family farms that he worked on in the 1970’s and 80’s, aiming for nature friendly low input production. They have diversification enterprises including an Airbnb and small commercial kitchen and are in the process of opening a small farm shop.

With several footpaths across he farm they are very public facing, including running a Lambing Sunday event and hosting various groups throughout the year. Ed was one of a BFU delegation who tackled Exeter City Council regarding their plant based food resolution in 2022.

Agriculture & Climate Change…Who is Responsible for What?

Speaker's Corner

With all the flack being chucked at farming for being responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, our panel delves into the truth behind some of these figures