Ed Whiteman

Ed Whiteman


I grew up in a ‘clay’ village around St Austell. Dad is an electronic engineer and mum was a civil servant. I met Amy (now my wife) when I was 14. Amy grew up in St. Austell, but her dad was a herdsperson on a dairy farm. Visting the farm was my first exposure to cows. I then did my year 10 work experience on the farm. This started my addiction to the world of farming.  I decided I would like to be a large animal vet, but A levels weren’t for me. I went on to complete a diploma in agriculture. This led to jobs on farms, initially dairy farms and then moving onto beef and sheep farms running different systems. This is where I discovered my passion and led me to purchase 14 ewes running them on grass keep locally and lambing in a garage! In 2020 we applied for and secured a County Council farm. We are currently running just over 200 ewes; we operate a low input system based on paddock grazing of herbal leys. Alongside my own farm I work as a shepherd on a neighboring farm and have a scanning business. Scanning cattle and sheep all over the county gives me the chance to see what other farmers are doing and continually review my practice at home!

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