Edd Lees

Edd Lees


Wildfarmed offers a route to market for crops grown in systems that prioritise soil health. Working with farmers who embrace regenerative approaches to improve farm biodiversity and soil condition where all of our crops are grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. Edd’s role, as co-founder, is to bring together farmers, food businesses, consumers and investors to build a scalable, transparent food network.

Edd has over twenty years of experience in financial markets, and left his job as global co-head of a derivatives business to become a co-founder in Wildfarmed. He believes that the extractive business models of the last century will become obsolete and that Wildfarmed will be recognised as a regenerative brand built for long-term resilience.

How Do We Scale This? Taking Food Grown in Healthy Soil to the High Street

Old Dairy Tent

This panel will explore ways to democratize consumer access to food grown in regenerative systems without watering down standards (greenwashing) or short-changing the farmer. How do we get food grown in healthy soil to the average customer on the High Street? And how to tell them the story of why this is important? This panel […]