Emily Grant

Emily Grant


Emily is an independent consultant and facilitator. Her business, Forrit, specialises in helping sheep and beef producers develop resilient pasture-based farming systems.  She works both one-to-one and with farmer groups or innovation projects. She was recently involved in a Scottish Government/EU funded innovation project looking at using crushed silicate rock as a soil input to sequester carbon. In 2018 she was awarded a Stapledon Trust Innovation Fellowship and travelled to NZ looking at innovation in pasture systems and mixed species swards.

Based in Perthshire, Emily also farms and started with a handful of ewes on an annually rented field.  Initially the business focused on producing prime lambs from pasture, but with a strong interest in genetics and performance recording, the opportunity arose to partner with Innovis producing Abertex and Abermax rams. Still working with Innovis, the farm is now a dedicated ram growing unit.  Emily is also a member of the Farmstrong Scotland Steering Group, working to set up a farmer aimed well-being programme in Scotland.

Is Perennial Agriculture the Future?

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This house believes that perennial agriculture is a big part of the future of arable. From clover understoreys to kernza and agroforestry