Emma Chow

Emma Chow


Emma works at the intersection of inner and outer regeneration. She believes that in order to create a truly regenerative future, we need to begin with ourselves. This belief clarified for her during a major burnout she experienced in 2021, which came in the midst of (ironically) working towards regenerative food systems transformation. Emma is passionate about supporting people on their own journeys of self-regeneration, so they can unravel into their own potential as change makers for an abundant future. Emma previously developed and led the Ellen MacArthur Food initiative. She is a 1 Giant Mind meditation teacher, certified yoga instructor, and yoga nidra guide.

Rediscover Rest

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To create a truly regenerative future, we need to start with ourselves. Farmers and those tirelessly working for a better food future are so often on the brink of burnout. It’s time to rediscover rest. You’ll leave this session feeling grounded, clear, and relaxed. We’ll learn a series of simple practices you can use in […]