Fidelity Weston

Fidelity Weston


Fidelity farms in Kent, certified with the PFLA and Soil Association, she runs a suckler herd of 20 Herefords to finishing, 150 Lleyn ewes, poultry and a few cereals under Higher Level Stewardship which has also focused on wildflower and hay meadow restoration.  Since Autumn 2017 she has been trialling faster grazing rotations, longer rest periods and actively building the soil, and using Sectormentor to assess changes over the years.


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Hear from farmers Chris, Fred, Fidelity and Ian who are all using soil health as a guide as they experiment and discover what works best for their farm. They have been using simple soil tests combined with the Sectormentor for Soils app to learn and assess how healthy their soil is.  Whether you want to […]