Frédéric Thomas

Frédéric Thomas

Frédéric Thomas encountered minimum tillage and Conservation Agriculture during his practical training placements and employment experience in the field of agriculture in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and in the course of numerous trips throughout the world. In 1991 he undertook the promotion of minimum tillage and direct drilling in France. His strong conviction regarding the economic, agronomic and environmental interest of these techniques, but also his certainty regarding their adaptability to the diverse pedo-climatic conditions the country, have enabled him to develop solid skills and a very specific expertise in this field.

In 1996 in took over his family farm. It is some sandy poor soil prone to drought in summer and water logging in winter. Implementing those techniques in those tough conditions as not been easy but help him to understand even more about soil, fertility, cover-crops and eco-system management. This experience enriched is expertise while keeping him always very particle.

Always a forerunner, in 1999 he launched the specialist magazine “TCS” which served as a link and furthered technical exchanges between the pioneers in the field.  Today he account  more than 4500 subscribers mainly in France. He also supported the creation of the association BASE (Biodiversity, Agriculture, Soil and Environment) and he has been for 15 years the Chairman of this active network of innovative farmers (1200 members today).

Today, thanks not only to his technical skills but also particle expertise, he has become one of the specialists in this new agriculture : he plays an active role in France and throughout the world with producers, technicians and decision-makers in the agricultural sector.

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