Genevieve Taylor

Genevieve Taylor


Live fire and BBQ expert Genevieve Taylor is the author of 12 cookery books including the bestsellers SEARED, The Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Meat, FOOLPROOF BBQ, CHARRED, a Complete Guide to Vegetarian BBQ and The Ultimate Wood-fired Oven Cook book.

A proud omnivore, Genevieve is on a constant mission to prove that great BBQ isn’t just about Man vs. Meat, although that said, her latest book, SEARED focuses on the science of cooking good meat over good fire. A biologist by training with a lifelong love of nature; sustainability and seasonality are at the heart of all she cooks. She is currently writing a book on fish and shellfish, naturally all cooked over live fire, and hopes to give people more confidence to source and cook better seafood.

She also runs the Bristol Fire School, a cookery school with the principal aim of helping people light better fires to cook better food.

When she’s not cooking outside, Genevieve can usually be found outside walking her dogs in the woods, growing a few good things to eat on her Bristol allotment and listening to a lot of music a little bit too loud.

She writes regularly on live fire cooking in the national press and a BBC Food Programme regular.