George Fraser

George Fraser


George Fraser is one of the four family members making up A & R Fraser; a contracting and farming business based on the Dorset/Wiltshire border. The Frasers’ journey began in 2015 when they decided that the future profitability of their business could be improved through adopting regenerative farming practises. Their contracting outfit has since been transformed into one that specialises in direct drilling, cover cropping and reducing inputs to improve soil health. 60% of A&R Fraser’s contract-farmed and stubble-to-stubble arable agreements are now managed on a no-till basis. A&R Fraser were finalists in the Farmers Weekly Contractor of the Year Awards 2021.

Three Transition Tales (Practical Experiences of a Transition to Regenerative Agriculture)

Breakout Tent

How do I wean myself off the comfort blanket of cultivation? When will soil biology step up and help reduce my inputs? What’s the balance between long term husbandry and short-term profitability? Three farmers with different locations, soils and business sizes share their experiences of transitioning to regenerative agriculture. David White, George Fraser and Peter […]