George Webber

George Webber


George is an innovative educator who has a personal philosophy about the importance of putting food and nature within the heart of the curriculum and school experience. This is mirrored in her work as Deputy Head at Greenside Primary School where she has developed an approach to teaching and learning that is centered around food and nature. Through this approach, learning about the natural world is more than a single subject specific lesson – it is integrated into everything. The school has its own inhouse kitchen and runs its garden space as a regenerative growing project – focusing on improving soil health to grow nutritionally rich produce using only the power of nature. They have grown a regenerative wheat field in the heart of urban London and opened the first school micro bakery where all students make bread which is shared with the whole community.

Building Relationships Between Farms & Schools

NIAB Seminar Tent

GROW has spent the last 3 years building a 6 acre agroecological farm on land owned by a state secondary school. We are both a working farm and educational hub and we supply our school canteen. We believe that by farms and schools working together, we can begin to address some of the huge challenges […]